We sing karaoke and fight for Internet freedom as part of Breakpointing Bad, a 501c3. Hack the planet!

We track Internet censorship and surveillance, to bring transparency and help fight against it. WeChat is spying on you!

We use cybersecurity games for education. Students who don't understand information flow should be eaten!

We maintain a general interest at intersection of technology and politics, such as bots that interfere with elections. Viva la revolución!

We attack the technologies that at-risk users depend upon the most, so that vulnerabilities that put them in danger become known before it's too late. VPNs don't protect you as much as you think they do!

We offer our technical expertise to journalists and activists whenever we can, e.g., by answering questions in press conferences. The Bhima Koregaon 12 were framed!

We search for inspiration and ideas from the hackers of the previous millennium. SEND IN THE CLONER!

We help create accessible, regionalized content so journalists and activists can understand cybersecurity concepts. Hacking is for everybody!

We collect and track lists of dirty words, in Chinese and other languages. Transparency now!

Through education and outreach, we teach others about how empowering hacking can be. Learning to be a ninja is too impractical, learn to be a hacker instead!

We think a lot about who controls the commanding heights of the Internet and how it's physically structured, and what nasty things those who control the Internet might be doing. Take back the Internet!

We dabble in more traditional reverse engineering from time to time. Need more caffeine!

We try to understand what makes censors tick by analyzing posts removed from social media. Machine learning!